Nothing beats simple pleasures!
Get back on top of the world whatever the season in simply stunning Alpine scenery.

Our beautiful Alps… A 12,000-km² haven of pollution-free purity.

A dazzling setting, home to 9 nature, wildlife and geological reserves, a multitude of outdoor sport and leisure hotspots and ‘Remarkable Sites’.

France’s second-largest mountain range, with 68 ski resorts and cross-country domains.

An extraordinary quality of light, thanks to the Alps’ location and close proximity to the South of France.

Ancient craft, agricultural and pastoral know-how upheld by 450,000 inhabitants flying the flag of their land and culture.

An invitation to explore and marvel, whatever your age and budget. The hills and valleys of our beautiful Alps are the perfect place to get back on top of the world and get back to your roots in every season…


Bon voyage and see you there!

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Our beautiful Alps are handily located just a few hours from Paris, Turin and Geneva.

Travelling by car or train?

The Alpes ski resorts have set up a shuttle service between the nearest village train stations and the resorts. There are trains serving Alpes du Sud which depart from
Marseille or Aix-en- Provence. TERs (Regional Express Trains) run every day, all year round. Note: a night train serving these stations leaves Paris Gare de Lyon every Friday evening.
> Train times and routes on:

Navettes Blanches

Every saturday from Marseille-Provence airport and Aix-en-Provence TGV train station to thirty resorts in Alpes.
> Booking by phone: 0809 400 415 for France, 00 33 178 66 22 79 from abroad.
> Booking online:

Marseille (train station and airport)
> 2h30 (South) – 3h30 (North). Access by road, train or shuttle.

Aix-en-Provence (TGV train station)
> 2h00 (South) – 3h (North). Access by road, train or shuttle.

Grenoble (train station and airport)
> 1h30 (North-West) – 3h (South). Access by road.

Turin (train station and airport)
> 1h (North-East) – 2h30 (South). Access by road or shuttle

Gare d’Oulx (TGV train station)
> 30 minutes (North-East) – 2h (South). Access by road or shuttle.